Logo designing

Logo designing is a creative art that in this generation is done with the aid of definitive software tools. A logo is a distinctive representation of a company and should be visually appealing. It is a common phenomenon that leading industrial and commercial houses have a logo that is unique to them. In many cases this logo becomes the registered or patented trademark of an organization. Considerable resources and thoughts are spent on designing a proper logo. In most cases a professional designer is entrusted the job of creating a logo.

Graphic designers always lay special emphasis when creating a logo. A logo in addition to being visually attractive should also be unique. A successful logo is one that creates a lasting impression on viewers’ minds and stands out amidst competitors.

Identify with a Logo

Leading multinational companies and domestic industrial giants are most easily recognizable by their logos. Goods and services manufactured under a trusted logo are more readily accepted as compared to their competitors. It is easier for an established company to introduce a new product or service than a company that has just entered into business foray.

Designing of logos also depends on the type of product a company sells or manufactures. For instance a lightning streak or pylon might be used in logos for a power generation concern, or a tea leaf for tea processing industry. This creative process of logo designing is no longer restricted to artists’ drawing boards but has been revolutionized by current generation technology.

Use of Technology in Designing Logos

Current generation logo designing process is a combination of creative brilliance and technological expertise. Qualified graphic designers use advanced graphic software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, ACD Canvas, Animated Flash, SAI, and GIMP to create immaculate logos. These graphics software help in creating innumerable designs. A graphic designer with his creative ideas is able to make several designs from which to choose from. When logo creation was solely a repertoire of drawing artists, considerable time was spent in making one design, and the cost involved was prohibitive.

With graphics software alternative designs could be created within minutes and at an affordable price. Graphic designers are capable of creating logos in two and three dimensions. Three dimensional logos are an innovative possibility using current generation graphics software. Compared to two dimensional logo designs these are more dynamic and have greater visual appeal.

Benefits of Logo Designing

Logo designing has a number of benefits for a company or institution. The greatest benefit is its recognition. As logo designing has become an art form facilitated by current generation information technology, an organization could study multiple options before deciding on any one. Logos are often patented and used as registered trade mark of an organization. These are used in official documents, seals, and as monograms.

It is always beneficial to have your logo patented as it protects it from being imitated or used by others. Before patenting a design it is advisable to study a few alternative ones as patenting is a time consuming process. Latest graphic designing tools allow the liberty of creating a number of designs in short time and at reasonable rates. This is an outstanding benefit of latest graphic designing tools. Alternative designs are created at low incremental cost, resulting in significant saving of resources.

Another crucial benefit of logo designs created by graphic artists is the ability to change them as and when required. If for instance, a logo does not draw the fascination of end users or consumers, it might be changed instantly. The entire process of changing logo takes a few minutes. Before having a logo patented it is better to study its market feedback, and getting it changed if necessary.

Features of logo designing

Logo designers for the benefit of organizations have different design packages. This is done by graphic designers to cater to all segments of business. Separate logo design packages are made for new entrants, medium scale organizations and premium customers. All designs are customized and available in print ready format. The copyright of these logos belong to the respective companies.

Graphic designing of logos allow easy revisions or corrections within minutes. At a pre-fixed price, designers allow up to a certain number of revisions for a logo. Modification in logo is a viable possibility available to organizations. Graphic logos in two dimensions are crisp in appearance, while those in three dimensions lend a dynamic feel. Three dimensional logo designs are extremely attractive on company websites and digital media.

One feature of graphic logo design is its easy upgrade process. A starter pack offered to a new business house could be transformed to a premium pack as the company grows in terms of size and revenue generated. This also adds to the value of an institution or company that goes for logo design upgrade.

Logo designing is not only a dynamic art form but an equally lucrative occupation for creative artists adept at using current generation graphic languages and tools. It is set to improve with each coming month.